The latest Smash Bros Ultimate character leaks revealed 7 new fighters, but it also left us with many questions. When’s the next Nintendo Direct? Were some characters left out? When will everything be revealed? Here are some of the things we can tell from the latest Smash Bros Ultimate news.

New Nintendo Direct for Smash Bros?

If the new roster leaks are real, the next Smash Bros Direct will be the biggest one yet. With tons of new characters debuting and Sakurai hinting at an unrevealed mode, there’s a lot of news to cover.

But even if the leaks happen to be fake, there’s no doubt we’ll get some big Smash Bros Ultimate news soon. Nintendo Live 2018 starts on November 3rd, just over a week away.

The Official Nintendo event features a Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament and, according to rumors, it’ll use the full game. That means we could get a Smash Bros Ultimate Direct just before the event, if not during.

The Final Smash Bros Ultimate Roster Will Be Stacked

If Banjo Kazooie, Isaac, Geno, Ken, Mach Rider, and Shadow the Hedgehog make the roster, we’ll get 77 characters in total.

The Smash Bros Ultimate box theory suggested the final roster would include 2 new characters- Incineroar and Ken. But it seems like the final roster will far exceed expectations.

With some fan favorites and unexpected appearances, the final game will be more stacked than ever. Although, a few highly demanded characters are missing.

Some Characters May Have Been Cut

The final roster will satisfy most players. However, some characters fans hoped for missed the cut.

Some of the most prominent leaks and hints pointed to Skull Kid, Incineroar, and Minecraft Steve in Smash Bros Ultimate.

The leaks are still unconfirmed, so any characters could make it in. Characters who don’t make the launch roster may also appear as DLC, or alternatively as Assist Trophies or Boss Characters.

Interestingly, the latest leaks fit in with another leak on the 4chan boards. The post claims that some characters were cut, including Ray (01) from Custom Robo, Monster Hunter, and Dixie Kong. It also said Tabuu, Necrozma, Crazy Hand, and Spirit Hand will appear as bosses. While the leak has no real credibility, it does raise some interesting theories.

Smash Bros Ultimate Will Get 5 New Stages

The new roster leak also fits well with the previous CoroCoro leaks, which said that Smash Bros Ultimate will feature 5 currently unrevealed stages.

With 5 newcomers debuting for their respective games- Isaac, Geno, Mach Rider, Banjo Kazooie, and Chorus Kids, they could bring their own stages to Smash Bros.

There are other possibilities, though. It seems likely a new Street Fighter stage will come, especially with the Vega Stage music being one of the first tracks on the Smash Bros Ultimate website.

Big Smash Bros Ultimate Events are Coming

The leaks came from an employee of a French print company working with Bandai Namco. What’s interesting is the new art shown seems to be a wristband, suggesting it’ll be used for an upcoming event.

This could be Nintendo Live 2018 in Japan or there could be other big events coming. With the Smash Bros Ultimate release coming on December 7th, Nintendo will likely be going into overdrive on marketing. Stay tuned!

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