There’s some exciting Smash Bros Ultimate news on the horizon. The game will be played at the official Nintendo Live 2018 event in Japan. According to recent rumors, the event may use the release build of Smash Bros Ultimate as opposed to the demo!

Smash Bros researcher Meshima broke the news on Twitter. While it isn’t necessarily confirmation, it’s a very interesting possibility. Releasing the final build a month before the release would help Nintendo prevent more leaks- which have already been out in full force. It’d also make Nintendo Live extra exciting for fans.

Nintendo Live 2018 – New Smash Bros Ultimate News?

If Nintendo does indeed use the non-demo build of Smash Ultimate, we’ll be getting all kinds of exciting Smash Bros Ultimate news.

Many characters have been predicted for the game, with some of the most popular theories including Incineroar, Ken, Skull Kid, and Isaac. However, Smash Bros is often full of surprises, so who knows what we’ll see in the next reveal. In the meantime, you can check out all the latest Smash Bros Ultimate leaks, hints, and rumors.

The Nintendo Live event may come with a new Nintendo Direct with Smash Bros Ultimate news.

When Is Nintendo Live 2018?

Nintendo Live 2018 will be in Tokyo from 3-4 November and Kyoto from 23-24 November.

The official Nintendo Japan event will feature tournaments in games like Splatoon 2, ARMs, Mario Tennis Ace. The official website also confirms a pre-release tournament of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

“Nintendo Live 2018” is the official game competition of “Splatoon 2” “Mario Tennis Ace” “ARMS”, including the pre-release tournament of “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” released on December 7, 2018. It is an event not to miss.

There’ll be plenty of exciting stuff for Nintendo fans, including a glimpse at the new Pokemon Let’s Go games. All in all, November should be an interesting month for Nintendo news.

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