The Smash Ultimate leaks continue, with 849 music tracks now leaked for Smash Bros Ultimate. Many leaks have been uncovered by data miners who got their hands on the game early. The full list of Smash Bros Ultimate music leaks was posted in a spreadsheet by @gotabebart. You can view the full list here.

All the new Smash Bros Ultimate music tracks were also posted to YouTube by many users. Channels such as this one have posted many of the leaked tracks for fans to listen to. Check them out while you can!

Smash Bros Ultimate Music Leaks on YouTube

While a lot of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Music was revealed all the way back in the August Nintendo Direct, the new leaks give us a lot more.

You can now hear tracks such as Calamity Ganon (Phase 2), which will accompany the new Ganon boss fight.

There are also some fresh new tracks from many games, such as Angel Island Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Some tracks are fairly unexpected, such as Weyard, the world map theme from Golden Sun.

You can view the full spreadsheet of leaked tracks here, including some cut songs such as The Great Sea and Molgera from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Snake’s Theme from Metal Gear Solid 2.

More Smash Ultimate Leaks

There have been many more early game leaks from Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Leaked Smash Bros Ultimate Bosses include Ganon and Marx. Other confirmed bosses include Giga Bowser, Crazy Hand, Galleom, and Galeem and Darz/Dharkon from the World of Light mode.

There have also been leaks of 1,297 new spirits, 7 World of Light cutscenes, and information on how to unlock every character in Smash Bros Ultimate. Check out our Smash Bros section for more of the latest Smash Bros Ultimate leaks and information.

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