New Smash Bros Ultimate leaks have surfaced on GameFAQs naming four new characters. The leak claims Erdrick (Dragon Quest), DOOM Marine (DOOM), Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden), and Minecraft Steve will make it to the roster.

The leak originally came from 5chan (a Japanese message board) shortly before the reveal of Joker as Smash Bros Ultimate DLC. While the leak lacks credibility, it does open up some interesting speculation. Here’s more on the latest Smash Bros Ultimate DLC leaks.

Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks – Erdrick DLC

One Smash Bros Ultimate leak that has emerged multiple times is that Erdrick from Dragon Quest will be a DLC character.

The 5chan leak claims this will tie in with the release of Dragon Quest XI for Switch. It also states that Anlucia and Luminary will feature as pallet swaps.

While the 5chan leak may be questionable, many Smash Bros Ultimate DLC leaks have brought up Erdrick as a possibility. Vergeben (a reputable leaker) doubled down on Erdrick being considered for the game, stating many other leakers have heard the same thing.

Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks – Minecraft Steve DLC

The possibility of Minecraft Steve in Smash Bros Ultimate has been brought up by various different leakers. Given the amount of support and rumors behind it, this seems extremely likely.

The 5chan leak claims that Minecraft Steve will be announced for Smash Ultimate at E3 2019.

Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks – Ryu Hayabusa DLC

The leak also claims that Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden will feature as Smash Bros Ultimate DLC.

This may tie in with a new Ninja Gaiden game for the Nintendo Switch in 2019. The Tecmo series has long been a mainstay on Nintendo consoles. While it’s not the most popular series in the West, this rumor may have some weight to it.

Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks – DOOM Marine DLC

Last and perhaps most interestingly, the 5chan leak claims DOOM Marine will appear in Smash Bros Ultimate.

The leak claims the Marine will also be announced at E3 2019 to tie in with the release of DOOM Eternal. It also says it’ll come with a DOOM64 pallet swap.

The DOOM Marine is a character wanted by many fans, although this one seems less likely of a possibility than other characters.

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