According to a recent Super Smash Bros Ultimate leak by Vergeben, we’ll see a new Square Enix character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Vergeben has a good track record for correct leaks, including leaking the next Nintendo Direct for September 6th (now postponed) in advance. In a recent GameFAQs forum post, he gave more information on what to expect from future announcements:

Stuff still not revealed include Ken, Isabelle, a Gen 7 Pokemon that is not Decidueye or Lycanroc and really does seem to be Incineroar even though not all of my main Smash sources have heard who it specifically is, and that Square Enix is getting a new character.

Leaks of Isabelle, Incineroar, and Ken in Smash Bros Ultimate have been circulating for a while now. But who could the new Square Enix rep be?

New Square Enix Character in Smash Bros Ultimate – Sora? Agnes?

There’s plenty of Square Enix characters that would make interesting additions to the Smash Bros Ultimate roster, but some are more likely than others.

Another recent Super Smash Bros Ultimate leak, which was soon proven to be fake, claimed Agnes from Bravely Default would be in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Although the leak was a hoax, a Bravely Default is a good possibility. The series is exclusively on Nintendo consoles and Bravely Default was a top-selling 3DS game.

Sora from Kingdom Hearts might be the strongest possibility. He’s one of the most in-demand characters from Smash Bros fans and has made plenty of appearances on Nintendo consoles.

YouTuber HMK also revealed that the vice president of Disney Japan is happy to bring Sora to Smash Bros. However, it’s dependent on Nintendo approaching them.

Many fans would love to see Cloud’s rival Sephiroth make the game. He’d make a great roster fighter or even a boss for the upcoming Story Mode. Zack Fair would also be an ideal Echo Fighter for Cloud.

New Smash Bros reveals should be coming this month. Be sure to follow Elecspo for all the latest Smash Bros Ultimate news.

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