A new Smash Bros Ultimate leak sheds light on two new game modes set to return to Smash Ultimate. A data miner found files hinting at instructions for Stage Builder and the classic Smash Bros Home Run Contest. While it’s not certain when these modes will come to the game, there’s a good chance they’ll be part of the Smash Bros Ultimate 3.0 Spring Update. Here’s more.

Smash Bros Ultimate Leak: Stage Builder & Home Run Contest

The Super Smash Bros Stage Builder was a popular feature in Super Smash Bros Brawl and Super Smash Bros for WiiU.

The game mode allowed players to create their own stages, complete with customizable obstacles, backgrounds, and platforms.

The Home Run Contest is a mini-game mode that’s been part of the Smash Bros games ever since Super Smash Bros Ultimate Melee. This involves players trying to hit a sandbag as far as possible.

While these modes are absent in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, a data leak suggests they’ll soon return. The leak comes from a data mine by @luigiblood and @DrHyperCake. These were reported by SourceGaming.

The data mine shows files for howtoplay_stage_builder.html and howtoplay_homerun.html. This suggests that there will be a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stage Builder and Home Run Contest.

With the Smash Bros Ultimate 3.0 update set to come before the end of April 2019, it’s likely these new modes will be part of the big update.

More Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks and Rumors

These aren’t the only new features which look like they might come to Smash Ultimate soon. Another leak from Dr. HyperCake shows that there are new layouts for the Smash Bros Ultimate Bonus Game in Classic Mode.

We might also see some other changes to the Smash Ultimate Classic Mode Campaigns. Hints from Sakurai suggest we may see some new boss battles in Smash Bros Ultimate.

We should know more about the Spring Update by next month, so keep your eyes peeled.

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