Super Smash Bros Ultimate launches on 7th December 2018. The game features over 70 characters, 1,279 Spirits, and multiple game modes, including World of Light and Online Play. Here’s a quick Smash Bros Ultimate Guide to all the basics you need to know, from unlocking characters to getting spirits.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Guide – Characters

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster features a whopping 70 numbered characters and a further 5 Echo Fighters. Echo Fighters are clones or copies of original fighters with the same moves and build with some slight differences.

Characters in Smash Bros Ultimate Revealed by Leaks

Characters in Smash Bros Ultimate – Smash Bros Website

Fighter 70, Piranha Plant, is an unlockable DLC character, available to anyone who gets the game before January 31st. Read how to get Piranha Plant free for more information. Four new fighters will come via DLC Packs over the next year.

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You can unlock characters via Classic Mode, World of Light Story Mode or VS Battles. Amiibo unlocking isn’t available.

Click ahead for how to unlock characters in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Guide – Spirits

Many characters in Smash Bros Ultimate appear as Spirits. These are like unlockable stickers with perks you can add to your Fighters.

How to Unlock Spirits in Smash Bros Ultimate

Screenshot from Nintendo Direct

You can unlock Spirits via Spirits Battles from the Spirits menu. These will involve battles with special conditions. You can also unlock Spirits in World of Light.

There are over 1,297 Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits leaked with more to come via patches.

More on how to get and use Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits.

Smash Bros Ultimate Guide – World of Light

World of Light is the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Story Mode or Adventure Mode. An evil entity called Galeem eliminates the Smash Bros Ultimate fighters, turning them into Spirits, except for Kirby.

Characters start off as Kirby and travel through an overworld map fighting against Spirits, Bosses, and other characters. You can unlock characters here to use in the roster as well as the WoL mode. You can also equip Spirits for advantages in World of Light battles.

We’ll know more about how to play and complete World of Light after the game’s launch. For now, here’s 10 minutes of gameplay from GameXplain.

Smash Bros Ultimate Guide – Online Play

Online Play is back and better than ever in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Players will be able to find matches based on specific conditions. Players can choose the type of stages, items, and conditions they want to fight players with similar conditions. You can also quick match with players if you’re not picky.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online Mode Features - Custom Rules

Players are matched matched based on distance and skill level. You get a Global Smash Power Ranking for each character- a score denoting how good you are. Once you reach a certain level, you’ll be able to take part in Elite Smash Battles against the toughest competitors.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online Mode - Elite Smash

Screenshot from Nintendo Direct

Online Mode will also feature 2v2 battles, battles with friends, and online lobbies.

More on Smash Bros Ultimate Online Mode features.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Guide

This guide will be updated in the future with more relevant guides and information. You can also check out our Super Smash Bros section for all the latest news and updates.

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