The final pre-launch Smash Bros Nintendo Direct showed us what to expect from the December release. Since then, the game has been available to play at various events. A lot of Smash Bros Ultimate Gameplay footage has come out, including competitive gameplay, classic mode, and even the World of Light story mode. Here are some videos showing what to expect from the game.

Smash Bros Ultimate Gameplay Footage – Classic Mode

The Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode looks like great fun to play. Each character will have their own themed campaign, with a relevant boss battle at the end.

Nintendo Wire gave a glimpse at what Mario’s Classic Mode campaign looks like. The Nintendo mascot fights through various other first-party Nintendo heroes, before taking on Bowser’s minions. The campaign culminates in a boss battle with Giga Bowser.

While previous games had players fighting Crazy Hand or Master Hand at the end, the boss battles in Smash Ultimate are much more versatile. Another video from IGN showed the Duck Hunt Duo facing off against Rathalos from Monster Hunter.

Players will also play through bonus rounds and collect points throughout Classic Mode.

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Smash Bros Ultimate Gameplay Footage – World Of Light

A video by GameXplain also showed footage of the new Smash Bros Ultimate Story Mode, World of Light.

The mode mixes fighting action with RPG elements. Players start off with Kirby and travel through the map, collecting spirits and new characters.

Players can switch out party members on the world map, as well as equipping Spirits. Spirits are based on various video game characters and give the player different traits, such as extra speed or power.

Smash Bros Ultimate Competitive Gameplay

In addition to videos of the new game modes, there’s also plenty of footage to show how competitive matches will look. Previous Smash Bros Ultimate videos have shown us how some of the best Smash Bros Ultimate characters will look in battle.

With a ton of new characters and features, fans will have plenty to look forward to when the game launches on December 7th.

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