The official Super Smash Bros Ultimate release date is December 7th. However, it seems that fans in Mexico have gotten their hands on the game early. Pictures of the box art and the game itself leaked across social media and on 4Chan.

Smash Bros Ultimate Game Leaks

The first images of the Smash Bros Ultimate box art and game were shown on Twitter by @Ferdkssb48. These posts were soon deleted but mirrored to sites such as NintendoSoup. The images also circulated on 4Chan.

Smash Bros Ultimate Leak

While some doubted the veracity of the leak, it appears to be real. Smash Bros Ultimate news source @SSBUNews soon vouched for the leaks. The fan claimed that although they have access to the game, they have no desire to spoil anything early.

Rumor has it that the game may already be available in Mexico. Fans speculate they may be pirated versions, although so far most of the pictures seem to have come from one fan.

It’s also possible that copies of the game have been given out early to reporters. Nintendo previously allowed certain outlets to test Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode and World of Light for some new Smash Bros Ultimate gameplay footage.

What’s Been Revealed?

So far, not much has come out of the apparent Smash Bros Ultimate Game leak except for new pictures of the cover art and the title of Yoshi’s Classic Mode Campaign- Jurassic Journey.

Smash Bros Leaks - Yoshi Classic Mode

A recent trailer showed a possible new Smash Bros Ultimate stage. Recent footage from gaming sources such as IGN and GameXplain has also shown us a little of what to expect from the game.

Each character will have their own, themed Classic Mode campaign. For instance, Roy will fight through other sword fighters in the roster while Mario takes on other Nintendo heroes and villains.

Each game of Classic Mode also ends with a boss battle. Bosses revealed so far include Giga Bowser, Galleom, Master Hand, Rathalos, and Dracula. As the game moves closer to its launch, fans will be eagerly anticipating the reveal of new bosses, new spirits, and information on how to unlock characters.

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