The Super Smash Bros Ultimate premier event Collision 2019 took place over this weekend, with many of the top players competing for the prize. The event featured Ultimate Singles, Doubles, and a Squad Strike tournament. Here are the Collision 2019 results.

Collision 2019 Results – Smash Ultimate Singles

Naturally, the main event at Collision 2019 was the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Singles tournament. It featured some of the best players in the scene, including Nairo, Tweek, Dabuz, Light, Marss, Frozen, and Cosmos.

The Grand Finals came down to Nairo vs Marss in one of the most interesting pro Smash Ultimate match ups.

Nairo came up from the Loser’s Bracket after initially losing to Marss. He beat Sinji, Tweek, Light, and Frozen to make it to the Grand Finals.

While most of his success came with Palutena, Nairo broke out Ganondorf later in the tournament. While many pros believe Ganondorf to be a lower tier character, Nairo showed just how competitively viable he can be.

Marss tore through the Upper Bracket with wins over Dabuz and Frozen before taking on Nairo in the finals.

Nairo initially lost 2 games as Ganon against Marss’ Zero Suit Samus. However, he managed to come back to win the set 3-2 with Palutena and reset the bracket.

However, Marss dominated the final set in a 3-1 victory against Nairo’s Palutena. He’s shown himself to be one of the top contenders so far in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and his wins in Collision 2019 cement it.

Collision 2019 Results – Smash Ultimate Doubles

Collision 2019 also featured a 2v2 Smash Ultimate tournament. Many players competed, including Marss, Light, Nairo, Cosmos, Dabuz, Mr E, Tweek, and Mr R.

The Grand Final once again came down to Nairo vs Marss, along with their partners Cosmos and Light. However, Nairo had slightly better luck in the Doubles event. Nairo and Cosmos came out on top against the formidable foes.

You can view the full standings for all the Collision 2019 events at

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