Files for the full Smash Bros Ultimate game have allegedly leaked already and data miners have uncovered a lot of interesting information. In addition to new World of Light Cutscene leaks, there are now 1,297 Spirits leaked for the game. There are some exciting inclusions, from Geno to Detective Pikachu. Here’s more on the Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits leaks.

Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks – 1,297 Spirits Confirmed

Super Smash Bros Ultimate features ‘Spirits’. These take on the form of various characters and entities from past games. These can be collected in the World of Light and Spirit Battles and used to add extra attributes to your fighters.

Spirits add perks such as extra speed or strength. Not only are they used in World of Light mode, but they can also be used in Smash battles and even in Smash Bros Ultimate Online mode.

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Many new Spirits leaks have come from data miners such as Goygoy2 on Twitch, who have been working their way through the Smash Bros Ultimate game files. Here’s the full list of Spirits as posted on Pastebin:

There are some exciting inclusions, such as Waluigi, Geno, Detective Pikachu, Rayman, Advent Children Cloud, a huge range of Street Fighter characters, and many more.

Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits Leaks – Who’s Missing?

With so many game characters leaked for Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits, ranging from the popular to the completely obscure, fans have also turned their attention to who’s missing.

Redditor Paperchampion23 pointed out a few notable missing spirits. Porky and Gigyas, the main antagonists of Earthbound, are missing. Sylux from Metroid Prime: Hunters is also missing, despite other hunters getting in.

Other characters fans might have hoped for, such as Monster Hunter and Banjo-Kazooie, are also not included as Spirits. There are also no Final Fantasy characters other than Cloud.

It’s also worth noting that characters appearing as Spirits doesn’t deconfirm them as future DLC Fighters or boss battles. All of the characters in the Smash Bros Ultimate Roster also appear as Spirits. As do the currently confirmed bosses such as Rathalos, Dracula, and Giga Bowser.

With 1,297 Spirits to collect, it looks like Super Smash Bros Ultimate will keep players occupied for a long time!

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