Smash Bros Ultimate 1.2.0 is now live in the game. The new Smash Ultimate update includes character changes to balance gameplay and online matchmaking fixes. It also fixes previous bugs with replays and adjusts the difficulty of unlocking characters. Here’s more on the Smash Bros Ultimate 1.2.0 Update.

Smash Bros Ultimate Character Changes

The new Smash Ultimate patch has already introduced some gameplay changes for various Smash Bros Ultimate characters. The characters are as follows:

Donkey Kong, Link, Kirby, Luigi, Ice Climbers, Young Link, Olimar, Toon Link, Villager, Greninja, PAC-MAN, Duck Hunt, and Isabelle

The Nintendo Patch Notes don’t give any information on the specific changes or whether these Fighters have been buffed or nerfed. Players on Reddit have only found minor fixes, such as z-dropping bombs in hit stun disabled for Young Link.

Smash Bros Ultimate Online Gameplay Fixes

Smash Bros Ultimate Online Mode has been adapted to make it easier for players to get the matches they want.

When matchmaking in Quickplay, the Format setting of your Preferred Rules will be more highly prioritized. This may cause matchmaking to take more time, and there’s still no guarantee that you’ll find a match that has your exact Preferred Rules.

While Smash Bros Ultimate allows players to set very specific rules for their matches, many found their rules didn’t work and they were put into completely different matches.

The Smash Bros Ultimate 1.2.0 patch fixes this so you can now get matches with the specific rules you enter- even if it takes longer. This is a big improvement and shows Nintendo’s dedication to making the game accommodating for players.

Smash Bros Ultimate Unlocking Characters Difficulty Change

The new update also makes changes to unlocking characters in Smash Bros Ultimate. The Patch Notes state that the difficulty of Challenging Approachers has been adjusted.

While it doesn’t state whether this makes them easier or harder to beat, it’s most likely easier. Many players complained about the difficulty of character unlock battles before. Chances are, you’ll need to spend less time in the Challengers Approach menu after this update.

More Changes in Smash Bros Ultimate 1.2.0

The new patch has also fixed a bug with replays. The Patch Notes give instructions on what to do with replays recorded in previous versions:

Replays created in versions before 1.2.0 are not compatible with 1.2.0. If you have replays you want to keep, you’ll need to convert your replays by going to Vault → Replays → Replay Data → Convert to Video before updating the software.

To update to Smash Bros Ultimate 1.2.0, go to Smash Bros Ultimate on your HOME screen, press +, and select Software Update.

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