A new Smash Bros leak shows that Smash Bros Ultimate Version 2.0 is coming soon. While there’s no official release date yet, the leak suggests Version 2.0 should come within a week. The next update jumps all the way from 1.2 to 2.0, suggesting we could get some big changes- will Piranha Plant join the roster?

Smash Bros Leak – Smash Bros Ultimate Version 2.0

The leak comes from @SSBUBot and shows an update message which should appear in the game soon.

The message notifies players that Version 2.0.0 will be available within the next week. Players won’t be able to view their replays from previous versions, although they can convert their replays to videos to keep them.

This notification should be in the game soon, suggesting that the new version will come at the very end of January or the start of February.

Smash Bros Ultimate 2.0.0 – What Will It Include?

The next Super Smash Bros Ultimate update makes a big jump up to Version 2.0.0. This suggests we should see some major changes to the game.

It may mark the release of Piranha Plant. Nintendo previously sent out a notification that Piranha Plant will be released in February. What’s more, a new video on the Japanese Super Smash Bros Ultimate YouTube details how to get Piranha Plant in the roster.

The new update may also feature some serious character nerfs and buffs. Now that data has been collected on how characters work and which Fighters are the most powerful, Nintendo may begin to balance the game.

A previous update also featured character changes, although these appeared to be minimal and not change the gameplay too much. We may start to see more impactful changes soon.

More should be known very soon. With big changes coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, we may even get a new Nintendo Direct for 2019 within the next couple of weeks.

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