New Smash Bros DLC Leaks from Vergeben suggest there could be an upcoming Minecraft boss in Smash Bros Ultimate!

Vergeben leaks Minecraft in Smash Bros Ultimate

Recent Smash Bros Ultimate boss leaks have shown us many new boss characters such as Ganon and Marx. However, the new leaks suggest that new bosses could come in the form of DLC, including a Minecraft boss. Here’s more on the latest Smash Bros DLC Leaks.

Smash Bros DLC Leaks – Minecraft Boss in Smash Bros Ultimate

The new Minecraft DLC leaks come from Vergeben- a reputable leaker known for giving credible information on upcoming Smash Bros Ultimate content.

Vergeben previously claimed we could see Minecraft Steve in Smash Bros Ultimate as a DLC character. This was also backed by Senjougahara__Hitagi, another credible leaker from Reddit.

However, Vergeben claims that while there is Minecraft content coming, it could come in another form. Recent leaks suggest there’ll be a Minecraft Boss in Smash Bros Ultimate DLC.

Minecraft is in Smash but represented with a boss. I am curious if Minecraft representation about being a fighter or AT was an intentional misdirect now. But there you have it.

While he previously heard that Minecraft Steve will be a DLC character, this may have been misdirection from sources trying to avoid real information coming out. However, this doesn’t necessarily deconfirm the character.

Keep in mind that it does not automatically mean Steve will not be DLC. It was speculated by one of my main sources that all the speculation and talk of a fighter and stuff could have been a misdirect this whole time. But we will see. I am awaiting a response from them to see if they could possibly shed some light on this since it is very confusing right now how a boss could be implemented that was not already datamined.

If the Minecraft Boss leaks are true, it makes things very interesting. New boss characters could be introduced as DLC, along with new characters. It may also be that Minecraft Steve makes an appearance along with an accompanying boss.

More Smash Bros DLC Leaks

The current theory from reputable leakers is that Minecraft content will be coming via DLC, along with a new Square Enix character. However, the Square Enix character has largely been left to speculation.

Another leaker on the GameFAQs forum claims that Minecraft Steve and a Square Enix character will feature whereas Banjo, Geno, Sora, Melmetal, and Bandana Dee are out of the question.

– Steve is still in. Accept it.
– There is still a Square Enix character coming. We’re in the process of narrowing down who exactly it is, but it’s a work in progress.
– Banjo, Geno, Sora, Melmetal, and Bandanna Waddle Dee are all unfortunately not a part of the fighters’ pass. Any leaks containing these characters are fake.
– No assist trophies are being upgraded to fighter status. Sorry.

They also claim that no Assist Trophies, such as Isaac and Skull Kid, will become fighters. Credibility is questionable and all leaks should be taken with a grain of salt. However, with the game releasing soon and data miners constantly coming across new info, we may hear something more substantial soon.

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