Skull Kid in Smash Bros Ultimate could be announced in the next couple of months. Not only is Skull Kid one of the most-wanted characters for the Smash Ultimate roster, he’s also been implied to be included via various leaks and hints.

The previous Smash Direct announcement showed a trailer matching first-party Nintendo characters up with their rivals.

With Donkey Kong’s adversary King K. Rool entering the roster, it looks extremely likely we’ll see Young Link vs Skull Kid next. Here are all of the leaks, hints, and theories surrounding Skull Kid’s inclusion in Super Smash Ultimate.

Sakurai Hints at Skull Kid in Smash Bros Ultimate

The Nintendo Direct Smash Bros announcement at E3 2018 showed Sakurai with a wooden backdrop with a ladder and barrel. Fans noted this represented the Donkey Kong series and King K Rool’s ship, hinting at King K Rool’s roster inclusion early.

Sakurai’s E3 Direct Set was hinting at King K Rool’s reveal – Source

Notably, the August Smash Direct set features leaves, a tribal cushion, and colored chairs representing some of Skull Kid’s key design traits.

Skull Kid in Smash Bros Ultimate
Is Sakurai’s Smash Direct set hinting at Skull Kid in Smash Bros? – Source

The chairs also reflect the colors of Tatl and Tael, Skull Kid’s fairies. This makes the Skull Kid in Smash theory very interesting.

Skull Kid’s Assist Trophy Missing

One of the most significant missing Smash Bros Ultimate Assist Trophies is Skull Kid. In Smash 4, the Skull Kid Assist Trophy had the ability to reverse your controls- an ability now given to the Earthbound Evil Mushroom Assist Trophy.

What’s also interesting is when revealing the Smash Bros Ultimate music, various Legend of Zelda tracks were missing with bullet points in their place.

Skull Kid in Smash Bros Ultimate Hints
The August Smash Direct hints at more Legend of Zelda music – Source

This hints at a big reveal of Zelda-related content coming soon. We may even see the Fierce Deity mask as Young Link’s Final Smash!

Skull Kid in Smash Ultimate Leaks

There have been tons of Smash Bros Ultimate leaks across gaming forums. While many simply guess the most likely characters, some have been bang on the money with their predictions, suggesting some people may have insider info.

One of the main characters featured in all these leaks is Skull Kid.

While this isn’t confirmation, the fact that some of these leaks have called things very accurately make Skull Kid in Smash Bros Ultimate seem even more likely.

Skull Kid in Smash Bros Ultimate Theories

Various fan theories surrounding Skull Kid’s inclusion have emerged. While he may feature as a boss battle in an upcoming Story Mode, his appearance as a fighter seems much more likely.

Many have noticed the strong moon and sun themes in the new character trailers for Simon Belmont and King K Rool. This has led many fans and even pros to believe there’ll be more hero vs villain and sun vs moon related reveals.

That could mean Skull Kid and Golden Sun Isaac in Smash Bros Ultimate. Leaks also suggest a Pokemon Sun & Moon character joining.

We’ll keep up with all the latest Smash Bros leaks and theories, so keep up with @Elecspo for more Smash content.

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