The ex Cloud9 CS:GO team are back! Well, kind of. Ex-teammates shroud, n0thing, Skadoodle, and seangares will play and stream the CS:GO minor. Silent rounds out the roster, with Freakazoid’s ties to Swole Patrol stopping them from bringing back the entire 2015 Cloud9 team. Fans can follow the action as shroud streams the matches, along with the other OGC players.

The first stream was tonight with the players competing against various NA teams. The team are representing the Old Guys Club- a team of some of the biggest CS:GO streamers formed by shroud, n0thing, and seangares, although they chose to play as “budget cyber monday version of OGC” tonight.

Shroud Streams CS:GO Minor Qualifiers

Shroud, n0thing, and the rest of the team will be competing in the IEM Katowice 2019 Open Qualifiers against many other teams. This is the first step for teams striving for a spot in the upcoming Katowice CS:GO Major.

So far, the Budget Old Guys Club has scored wins over teams such as Finch eSports, Hot Ass, and Robert Morris University. You can view their progress and the full NA Qualifiers #4 Bracket on the ESEA website.

You can also follow their path on Twitch. Last night’s matches can be viewed on Shroud’s Twitch channel here, but all five players streamed the matches via their respective Twitch channels.

Old Guys Club CS:GO Minor Qualifiers Highlights

Here are some of the Twitch stream highlights from OGC’s run in the Minor Qualifiers.

Silent held it down on Overpass, scoring a unique 1v1 clutch to win the map.

Shroud showed the power of the MP5 in with a cheeky 4k against Finch eSports.

Seangares also stepped up with plays such as this slick 1v2 on Train.

The @OldGuysClub Twitter channel is also posting some of the best moments.

While the team may just play for fun, they could have the chance to go further. The top teams from the Qualifiers will advance to the Americas Minor Championship in January. We’ll see if the Old Guys can pull it out.

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