The major Smash Bros tournament Shine 2018 went down this weekend in Boston. Between singles and doubles tournaments in Smash Bros Melee, 64, and WiiU, there was plenty of action across the event. Here are the full Shine 2018 results.

Super Smash Bros Melee Shine 2018 Results – Zain, Mang0, and HungryBox Battle

The Shine 2018 Melee tournament was full of excitement. With a solid player list and Ninja offering to add $50k to the prize pool if Mang0 won, there was a lot to play for.

But it was Zain who ruled most of the tournament. He upset Melee Gods HungryBox and Mang0 before finals. Although HungryBox battled back to the Grand Finals, Zain proved it was no fluke and beat him again to take the win.

Over in the doubles tournament, SFAT and PewPewU beat Swedish Delight and Plup with their Fox and Marth duo, winning the $4,000 prize.

Super Smash Bros for WiiU Shine 2018 Results – Salem Wins, MkLeo & ANTi Take Doubles

The Smash 4 singles tournament at Shine 2018 featured many past major event winners like MkLeo, Lima, Dabuz, Tweek, Larry Lurr, and VoiD.

Most of these went out surprisingly early, leaving the grand finals to Liquid Salem and Mistake. In a Bayonetta vs Bayonetta match, Salem picked up his first big win since 2017.

The doubles tournament came down to Mistake and Tweek vs MkLeo and ANTi, with the latter duo winning.

Super Smash Bros 64 Shine 2018 Results – SuPeRbOoMfAn Wins Again!

In an event with names like Lowww, Josh Brody, and Shalaka, the Canadian SuperBoomFan took home the grand prize.

SuperBoomFan has now won the past 5 national Smash 64 events, picking up wins at Smash Con 2018, Called Out 3, Smash ‘N’ Splash 4, and Get On My Level 2018.

The grand final came down to SuPeRbOoMfAn and Lowww, with Super beating Lowww’s Fox with Captain Falcon and establishing his dominance in the Smash 64 scene.

It wasn’t all bad for Lowww, though. In the doubles event, Lowww and fidelcastro64 won over Josh Brody and Madrush.

Shine 2018 Side Event Results – Smash Bros Crews, SF V, DBFZ, Rivals of Aether

Shine 2018 also featured a range of side events in Smash Bros and other fighting games.

The Melee Crews tournament was won by J. Crew, featuring Mistake, MuteAce, Lima, MattyG, and Koolaid.

The ‘1st Place’ team took 1st place in WiiU crews, consisting of Mistake, MuteAce, Lima, MattyG, and Koolaid.

Melee’s PG Plup took home in a win in the Slap City tournament. HamBam won Street Fighter V, CakeAssault won Rivals of Aether singles, and EF dakillsage won DragonBall FighterZ Singles.

You can view all of the event’s players and results at You can also view all of the videos at the Beyond the Summit YouTube Channel.

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