An official Nintendo Event is taking place this Thursday, October 18th at Arcade MTL, a bar in Montreal. The nature of the event is currently under wraps, and many fans believe this could suggest a new Nintendo Direct or even some Smash Bros Ultimate news!

Nintendo Event at Arcade MTL

News of the event was posted by user kalomaze on the GameFAQs forum with a screenshot from Nintendo Canada’s Facebook page. The post was shown only to users in Montreal, although the bar’s Facebook page also shows news of the event.

3 jours avant l'Événement spécial Nintendo chez Arcade MTL!

Posted by Arcade MTL on Monday, October 15, 2018

More interestingly, when kalomaze reached out to the bar to ask what the event would involve, the staff told him Nintendo kept it secret even from them. While there have been plenty of Smash Bros Ultimate demo events in the past, the overly secretive nature suggests there could be something more to this event.

Fans have already been speculating it could be a Smash Bros Ultimate Direct reveal. However, there’s no real confirmation of this. The event could also be something to do with popular games like Pokemon Let’s Go or a brand new Nintendo game.

All that’s known right now is that Nintendo of Canada are hosting the Nintendo event on the 18th. However, it does seem like a new Smash Bros Ultimate announcement is due.

Next Smash Bros Ultimate Direct Announcement?

Fans are eagerly anticipating the next Smash Bros Ultimate Direct or character trailer. Plenty of rumors are floating around, but there’s still no official word on when it will be.

The last Nintendo Direct featured a character trailer for Isabelle in Smash Bros Ultimate. But with lots of information on the game to reveal, many fans expect something juicier on the horizon.

The upcoming Nintendo Canada event could mean nothing for Smash Bros. But regardless, we should be getting some exciting news from Nintendo. What’s more, Smash Bros Ultimate news should come soon with less than 2 months now until the game’s launch.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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