A new Sakurai interview reveals some of the rejected Smash Bros Ultimate characters that almost made it in. Some of the fighters considered for the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Roster include Decidueye from Pokemon Sun & Moon, an ARMs character, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 characters.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters That Almost Made It

The new information came from a Japanese Sakurai interview, translated and posted by @PushDustIn on Twitter.

The interview reveals that Decidueye was initially considered as the Gen 7 Pokemon rep before Incineroar took his place. Interestingly, Decidueye was brought up in a Smash Ultimate leak all the way back in August.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and ARMs characters were also possible inclusions for the roster. However, they didn’t make it in due to timing.

Sakurai previously mentioned in a Nintendo Direct feed that Rex could’ve been in the roster, but was instead made into a Mii Fighter costume. Most likely, Spring-Man was a possible consideration but didn’t make it as ARMs came out well after development began.

Other interesting information includes that King K Rool, Simon Belmont, and Richter Belmont got in due to the Smash Ballot. The design concept for King K Rool was for him to be a heavyweight character that could do things others couldn’t.

The interview also reveals that Zelda’s character design is based on A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds.

Next Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Characters?

Since Decidueye, Rex, and an ARMs character didn’t make the launch roster, will they be in the Challenger Packs? It doesn’t seem too likely.

While these characters were considerations, it seems the DLC will focus more on third-party characters. It also seems that characters who became Assist Trophies or Mii Costumes won’t be in the DLC Packs.

Current Smash Bros Ultimate DLC rumors revolve around characters like Erdrick (Dragon Quest), Sylux (Metroid Prime 4), and the DOOM Marine.

Still, it’s possible that even more characters make it in after the initial bout of DLC Packs. Smash 4 featured 7 DLC characters, so it’s possible that Smash Ultimate will add more based on fan demand.

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