Just a month after being kicked from FPL, along with other players, FACEIT has promoted s0m back to FPL. After his demotion, he fought hard to become the FPL-C winner for November 2018. With a huge 113 wins in FPL-C, he makes it back to the NA FACEIT Pro League.

That’s not all. Strings and wippie are also promoted to FPL. While usually, only the Top 2 players move up, 3rd place wippie was also promoted thanks to a close race between the top 3 FPL players.

s0m Back in FPL 1 Month After Being Removed

Back in October, the rules of FACEIT Pro League were changed. S0m was among the players kicked from FPL for not taking the game seriously enough, although he disagreed with his demotion.

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Other members such as oBo, Ocean, JoshRT, and krz also got a demotion. However, oBo was soon moved back up by FACEIT Mikey while s0m was left in FPL-C.

However, he rose to the occasion, racking up a huge amount of wins and. Now we’ll see s0m back in FPL.

A close race at the end led to two other players being moved up- 2nd place Strings and 3rd place wippie. We’ll see what these players add to the league.

s0m Competes in CS:GO Minor with Swole Patrol

It’s been a busy month for the young CS:GO streamer. In addition to playing over a hundred FPL-C games, he’s also preparing to compete in the IEM Katowice 2019 NA Minor Qualifiers.

S0m will stand-in for Brax in Swole Patrol due to Brax’s ban from Valve-sponsored tournaments.

Other teams are also competing, such as s0m’s MDL teammates Old Guys Club. Old Guys Club will be playing with shroud, n0thing, Skadoodle, seangares, and Silent- four out of five members of the old Cloud9 CS:GO roster.

The NA CS:GO Minor Closed Qualifiers will kick off on December 12th.

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