There is a Rainbow Six Siege free weekend, and we cannot wait.

One of the best first-person shooters that has a fledging esports scene is Rainbow Six Siege. Incredibly, it is a game that was released almost three years ago, but still has a growing player base with regular updates.

What you have been doing for the past three years instead of playing Rainbow Six Siege is beyond us. However, if you have missed out on the fun, well you can play it for as long as a week for free!

Ubisoft revealed that there will be a free weekend for players on both console and PC and it starts today! You can preload it on PC and PlayStation, meaning as soon as the free weekend is live, you can play it without wasting time downloading the whopping 60GB game. On the plus side for Xbox users, you can get away with just having Xbox Live Silver rather than Gold, which is cool.

Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend

via Ubisoft

Along with the free weekend, Ubisoft is running a 60% off discount on the game, allowing you to pick it up for as little as £8.74 – which is a steal! Your progress carries over, so you won’t have to start over again.

All of this is to coincide with the release of two new operators in Operation Grim Sky. Then there is the Six Major Paris which is the second Rainbow Six Siege major of 2018 which has a whopping $350,000 prize pool.

You will have until 9pm next Monday to play it if you’re on PC, 2 pm on PlayStation 4 and 8 am on Xbox One.

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