Could you get the PUBG event pass free? Yeah, no chance – and fans are really not happy about it!

It might have been what caused the Battle Royale boom, but PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is having a tough time as of late.

Millions are playing it, but the player-base halved in recent months. This was mainly thanks to numerous bugs and cheaters running rampant.

Battle passes have been a huge source of revenue for games like Fortnite. The players of Fortnite want to pay for them, being offered quality content the community wants. However, things got even worse for PUBG after the release of their very own ‘event pass’ for £7.50.

Value Proposition

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The PUBG ‘event pass’ is relatively threadbare for the price, in comparison to the seasonal content of other games.

From the outside, it doesn’t look that bad; there are 24 cosmetic rewards from 30 levels. However, seven of those are only tempory items that have already been released in previous crates. Unlike Fortnite, which is a free game, buying the Sanhok event pass won’t mean you will get the next one for ‘free’.

Finally, one of the biggest things that is narking fans are the challenges. Many of the challenges needed to rank up are only achievable in solos or are hyper-specific.

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One fan posted on Reddit about just how annoyed they were, saying:

We have supported this game since early access. PUBG has made over $730 million… Yet, it’s still not optimised, cheaters are rampant, crates are locked behind keys. Even after charging $30 for the game, they now introduce this $9.99 Event Pass. If this were free to play, none of us would care.”

Similar notions across Twitter agree with this statement; how can an unfinished, unoptimized game be charging for a progression system that should be standard?


With no signs for PUBG Corp standing down from charging for the pass, nor looking to change things in the future, it looks like fans may just venture back to H1Z1 or Fortnite until it is fixed.

Why they won’t make the PUBG event pass free is totally beyond us.

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