PUBG esports ready? Well, maybe not according to these fans.

We’re all told that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the biggest games in the world, and that is true. However, whether it PUBG esports ready let alone one of the biggest esports titles in the world, well that’s an easy answer? No, at least not yet.

During the first PUBG tournament last year, viewers were left with many complaints, from boring gameplay to terrible spectating options.

However, with the Intel Extreme Masters currently on and there being a PUBG invitational, what better time to see what people are thinking of the game in a competitive scene.

OpTiC Gaming leading IEM

After the first day of the event, OpTiC Gaming had a commanding 248-point lead over the second-place squad, Team Vitality. With today being the last day, it really is between those two on who picks up the $50,000.

Latest PUBG patch should dramatically improve Miramar

Anyway, with there being so much action to digest over the past day or so, what do fans on Twitter think of it? Well, it appears that the reaction so far is very mixed. People are naturally hyped because of how popular the game is, however, some are still worried about pacing and the spectating.

Here is what Twitter is about PUBG esports:

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