Fortnite vs PUBG IRL?!

Fortnite or PUBG, PUBG or Fornite. Which one is better? Well, if you look at any comment section, you will know that this a debate that almost feels like gang warfare. To be honest, it is quite lovely to have this gang mentality back in gaming; I miss the Xbox One and PS4 flame war.

Anyway, PUBG and Fornite can live in harmony, maybe. Well, they definitely can if you take a look at this incredible video from After Effects master, Nukazooka. They decided to see what would happen if the two worlds collide, and I guess resolve the question that we’re all been wondering about for several months.

Heroic teen continues playing Fortnite despite tornado threat

The video starts with two PUBG players getting involved in a fire-fight before the prospect of a pan-off, but obviously, his team-mate takes the kill. Then the two players run into various Fornite players, which includes a rather fantastic and realistic building scene.

This continues until the two get stuck in the storm before the final one comes up against a terrifying Black Knight. After picking up the victory, there is a slight dig at Fortnite players with there being a very angry kid screaming at the end.

As you can imagine, there was plenty of reaction to this excellent video on Twitter and here are some of the best to Fortnite vs PUBG IRL:


So let us know who you think would really win, Fortnite or PUBG – if it was a real-life thing.

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