After a few months of relative hype, we’ve finally been given our first look at the latest battle royale game, Paladins Battlegrounds.

Many wondered exactly how a class-based shooter would transfer over to a battle royale style game, pitting 100 players against each other in a fight to the death.

In principle, it sounds difficult, however, in practice, it seems to work…just about.

The thing with BR games is you need to make the game balanced so just sitting in bushes doesn’t take the win all the time.

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And then there is the problem of the middle-game – something which PUBG is still yet to really improve.

Of course, we need to remember that Paladins Battlegrounds is only in Alpha testing, so there will be lots of improvements from now on.

The basic concept is 100 players who make up 25 teams of four, each drop into a location to find loot and prepare for the incoming fog (a staple of the BR).

Interesting, unlike Fornite or PUBG, you all drop leave your bus at the same time as your team, meaning the chance of you ending up a man down because someone jumped out across the map.

Looting? Yawn

As for the looting – which is probably the best part of any BR game — there is plenty of that but it doesn’t quite feel that rewarding.

The thing that separates Paladins from other games, such as Overwatch – is the card system.

These cards allow for your abilities to do more damage, recharge faster or give you more health.

So you’re just looting for these cards in chests – which isn’t quite the same as looking for a level 3 helmet or a golden scar.

In fact, you’re actually kitted out with all your weapons and abilities – albeit not at max level – so picking up cards feels somewhat..meh?

Though the looting may not float your boat, the shooting mechanics as great as always and the number of characters available is always welcome.

Pay to win?

However, there is one HUGE problem in Paladins Battlegrounds – the fact it is unbound – meaning you can use your high-level gear.

Now, you may have ground out for months to get the gear or you might have just spent a few quid on chests, either way, you’re at an advantage over many and probably a disadvantage to only a few.

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Legendary cards are much more effective than say being able to pick up the likes of Chronos or Cauterize.

Hopefully, with community feedback and that fact that this game mode is nowhere near being finished, Hi-Rez will listen and make it either just bound or have both bound and unbound playlists.

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