PUBG has been revived on Twitch, thanks to the Dr Disrespect.

For the past year or so, it has appeared that there is no stopping Player Unknowns Battlegrounds when it comes to both concurrent players and popularity on Twitch.

However, according to TEO Audience Insights, it appears that there is a big change with Epic Games’ Fornite taking the top stop on Twitch – well secondly only to League of Legends.

Credit to eSports Observer

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Well, to be honest, those stats are a little misleading, but Fornite has had the second most hours watched on Twitch, with more than a total of 10.9m viewers between 29th January and Feb 4th.

However, since Monday PUBG has completely wiped the floor with Fornite in every category and it might all be down to the long-awaited return of one man.


The Doc aka Guy Beahm a former Level designer for Sledgehammer Games and the ‘most ruthless’ competitor on Twitch.

Since returning to the platform after some erm, personal problems? Well, anyway, since returning, the Doc has totally dominated Twitch, with him bringing in 388,000 concurrent viewers.

Though Twitch did reveal some slightly inflated numbers claiming that the Doc has beaten Tyler1’s huge return a few weeks ago, we’re pretty sure that Bluehole and PlayerUnkown will be happy with it.

With Fortnite’s brief flirtation with being the most popular BR game on Twitch, the Docs return has been so incredible that the game has shot up to 6m hours watched and an average of 84,000 concurrent viewers.


Saying this though, it doesn’t appear that Fornite’s popularity will be wavering any time soon, and it’s not exactly like the Doc will be able to keep hold of the incredible surge of viewers he has had of late.

For example, Tyler1 suffered a similar fate and dropped from his record high  to a more stable number of regular viewers.

Who do you think will be the most popular game between Fornite and PUBG throughout the rest of this month? Let us know in the comments below.

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