The new PUBG Mobile Christmas update is now available featuring the new Vikendi Snow map. The 0.10 update also includes some gameplay upgrades, layout updates, and new Christmas skins and cosmetics. Here’s more on PUBG Mobile Update 0.10.0.

How To Get PUBG Mobile Vikendi Snow Map

PUBG Mobile Update 0.10.0 includes the new Vikendi snow map! The winter-themed map gives players a white Christmas, complete with snowball fights and the Snowmobile vehicle to traverse the terrain.

PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map

To get the PUBG Mobile Vikendi Snow map, open up the maps in the top-right corner of the home screen. From here, you can scroll right and choose to download Vikendi. The download is 134.2 MB.

PUBG Mobile Vikendi Download

Once it’s installed, untick other maps and choose Vikendi. Now you can launch right into a game.

PUBG Mobile Vikendi Snow Map

It works just like other maps but with a couple of extra features. Players can pick up snowballs to throw at enemies in the spawn zone. You can also find the snowmobile vehicle to make traveling through the map easier.

PUBG Mobile Christmas Skins and Cosmetics

The new update also features plenty of new Winter and Christmas skins and cosmetics. You can check them all out in the PUBG Mobile Shop.

PUBG Mobile Christmas Skins

Featured skins include the Naughty Christmas Set and Glacier Set, featuring new weapons, gun skins, gliders, and clothes. You can also get the Elf Helper Set for a limited time.

PUBG Mobile Christmas Cosmetics

PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 Updates

Other changes included in the PUBG Mobile Christmas update include numerous in-game features designed to improve gameplay.

Cross-server matchmaking is now enabled, making it easier to match with other similarly ranked players across different servers. New anti-cheating measures have also been implemented.

The Firearm Upgrade system has also been updated, with new lab materials to upgrade weapon finishes. There’s also a new Christmas theme to the homepage, bonuses for players, and a few changes to the layout.

Tencent Games recently hit 200 million downloads and 30 million concurrent players for PUBG Mobile, showing it’s one of the best mobile esports games. It’s available to download for free to everyone in the iTunes store or on Google Play.

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