There’s a Portal Easter Egg in CS:GO! Fans have uncovered a hidden Portal radio broadcast in the new CS:GO Battle Royale mode, Danger Zone. The Easter Egg is found in the ‘Tourist’ section of the map. Waiting by a computer in a hidden room plays a peculiar radio broadcast.

How To Find Portal Easter Egg in CS:GO Danger Zone

The CS:GO Portal Easter Egg was initially found by u/snaileny on Reddit. By traveling to a hidden computer room on the map and waiting for 2 minutes, a radio broadcast plays.

There are multiple routes to access the room if you want to check it out yourself. Simply go to the ‘Tourist’ section of the map and travel to Door 2 of the Motel via the roof or the buildings nearby.

Portal ARG in CS:GO! What It Means and Where To Find It

The CS:GO Dev team confirmed this is a Portal Easter Egg, although many fans were let down to hear it’s not an announcement for a new game.

CS:GO Portal Easter Egg – What Does It Mean?

Many fans speculate the Portal Easter Egg in CS:GO could also be a new Portal ARG. Portal ARGs or alternate reality games were previously used to promote and market Portal 2.

Initially, many hoped this could signify an announcement for Portal 3 or even Half-Life 3. While the developers suggest it’s nothing but an Easter Egg, there could still be something more to it.

Redditor birkir broke down a range of interesting information on the Easter Egg and Blacksite in this post. This could give more background information on the CS:GO Danger Zone storyline.

Another user, GetSomeGyros, decrypted the broadcast to find it means “This was a triumph. I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.” Looks like the developers are happy with Danger Zone!

The radio broadcast is as follows:

Papa. Golf. Papa. Whiskey. Five. Zero.
Sierra. Mike. Sierra. Seven. Five. Seven.
Eating. Hydraulic. Keyboard. Atlantic.
Shadow. Liberty. Transit. Orlando.
Chairlift. Maritime. Buzzard. Document.
Stopwatch. Suspicious. Guidance. Politeness.
Alone. Molecule. Cobra. Positive.
Cranky. Unify. Unearth. Corrosion.
Tunnel. Cumbersome. Mohawk. Repellent.
Bison. Voyager. Puppy. Finicky.
Afflict. Outfielder. Spheroid. Vagabond.
Sawdust. Atlantic. Mural. Penetrate.
Berserk. Medusa. Ragtime. Guitarist.
Indulge. Consulting. Burbank. Distortion.
Repay. Coherence.

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