What are the top 5 competitive Pokémon?

Pokémon is one of the best selling franchises of all time, with a massive player base. In fact, by the end of 2016, Sun and Moon had sold 14.69 million worldwide. Really, who doesn’t want to become a true Pokémon Master and catch ’em all?

If you haven’t watched it, competitive Pokémon is actually fantastic – even if Nintendo doesn’t shout from the rooftops about it. That being said, the Pokémon World Championships has a whopping $500,000 prize pool and draws in huge audiences.

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If you’re one of those pesky first Gen-ers who only like the original 151, you are probably totally lost on what the latest meta looks like. Well, let’s put it this way, if you’re expecting to see a Charizard anywhere on this list then you are WRONG.

So what are the best competitive Pokémon of all time in the video games? Well, here are five of the best:

1. Suicune

One of the legendary beasts, yes beasts NOT dogs! The infamous Crocune set is arguably what makes this ‘mon one of the greatest of all time. Basically, all you need is a Suicune with decent defence, special attack and a bit of speed. Then teach it sleep talk, rest, calm mind and hydro pump.

2. Garchomp

Land shark! Land shark! Land shark! A very good looking ‘mon but also an incredibly powerful one that only has one real weakness; ice. With incredible attack and speed but also decent special attack, this monster was used by 48% of Pokémon World Championship competitors.

Throw in the mega version, add Dragon Dance, EQ, Outrage and Iron head to stop Fairy types and you’ve got some scary power.

This is one definitely worthy of the top 5 competitive Pokémon.

3. Porygon2

Ew. Porygon2 is one of those ‘mons that is simply the WORST. Thanks to the fact that it can hold eviolite despite already having good physical and special defence, Porygon2 is incredibly annoying. Z moves won’t put a dent in it, and with Tri attack and rest, there is little you can do.

Speaking of Z moves, Z conversion is incredible, boosting each stat by +1, and if you have Download you will get another special attack boost.

Oh and this is also used by 48% of World Championship tournament in 2017.

4. Rotom-Wash

A staple of any OU team and it is easy to see why; it barely has a weakness. The water/electric typing makes it resistant to flying, ice, water, fire and steel. Then there’s the ability levitate, meaning that it cannot be hit with a ground attack other than thousand arrows or gravity.

It can be used as a utility Pokémon, a special attacker of a choice scarfer as part of a volt turn team.

5. Xerneas

One of the best glass cannon Pokémon, and one that reaps more rewards than negatives. That being said, it does have decent defence on both sides, but its SPA stats with the combination of Geomancy and a power herb allows you to boost your special attack, special defence and speed.

If you start it with good defence or HP, you will have a very, very powerful ‘mon and one that is known for sweeping teams in Ubers. Oh, and Z Geomancy which basically does what power herb does but doesn’t let you get knocked off. This causes mayhem in the competitive scene.

Which Pokémon would want by your side in a competitive match?

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