The February Nintendo Direct gave us news on many big upcoming Nintendo games. However, we could soon see more big news to come from Nintendo. According to a leak, news for Pokemon Switch 2019 should come soon. Here’s more on the latest Pokemon Switch rumors.

Pokemon Switch 2019 News Coming Soon

Nintendo has already made it clear that a new Pokemon Switch game will come in 2019. This is expected to be the next installment in the main series, following Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on the 3DS.

Fans have eagerly anticipated news on the upcoming Pokemon Switch RPG. However, a reputable leaker suggests that it could come soon.

While the Tweet doesn’t say much, it comes from a reputable source. The @muguwus Twitter account gave information on all of the games in the Nintendo Direct February presentation before the broadcast aired.

Nintendo Direct Leaks

This suggests that whoever is behind the mysterious Twitter account has inside information from Nintendo. We may see another Nintendo Direct soon. It’s also possible we get a feature presentation specifically for the new Pokemon game.

Pokemon Switch 2019 – What Will It Be?

There’s currently not a lot of information out on the Pokemon Switch RPG. However, it does have a release date of 2019- most likely around November when most Pokemon games come out.

Last year’s Pokemon: Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee brought back the story of Pokemon Yellow with new catch features from Pokemon Go and new graphics.

The next game is expected to be the next in the core series. This would make it the first main series Pokemon game to release on a home console.

Sun and Moon innovated the classic Pokemon gameplay with four Trial Captains instead of Gym Leaders. This shows a willingness to adapt and experiment with new gameplay ideas. Pokemon Switch 2019 could look drastically different from what we’re used to.

Some big news should drop soon, so stay tuned!

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