FACEIT Pro League is cracking down with stricter rules on how CS:GO players can play in FPL. Today, FACEIT Mikey announced multiple players demoted from FPL for not taking games seriously. Five more players are on trial, meaning they could be kicked soon.

The news started when s0m, a member of MDL team Old Guys Club along with seangares, n0thing, and others, found he was removed from FPL. The full list of players demoted from FPL includes s0m, oBo, Ocean, JoshRT, and krz.

Meanwhile, players JasonR, xotic, Vanity, Food, and Sneaky are now on Trial. This means they will also be kicked if they don’t improve.

Five Players Demoted From FPL

Sam “s0m” Oh found he was out of FPL while streaming. The announcement read:

We have demoted s0m to FPL Challenger for not taking games seriously, not playing to his full capacity, and overall just taking the streamer route over becoming a top player. More will follow soon, but until then, please go and state your opinion on the forum which is mandatory. Over 60% of players have voted so far.

FACEIT Mikey sent out a Tweet to announce the removal of other FPL players. Many fans disagreed with removing upcoming talents while established players who break the same rules were kept. S0m also responded in a Tweet.

Other players demoted from FPL were oBo, Ocean, JoshRT, and krz. Despite some putting up good performances, they were voted out by other players for not taking the game seriously enough or focusing more on streaming.

FPL Players on Trial Include JasonR

While some players got an instant demotion, others were put on Trial. This means they must either take FPL more seriously or will follow suit. This includes popular CS:GO streamer JasonR.

Other players on Trial include xotic, Vanity, Food, and Sneaky. The move is an attempt to improve the FPL platform for pro players, leading to more serious play. However, many fans will be left disappointed, with FPL being a popular ground for streamers.

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