A huge library of free games is available for the next week as you can play Origin Access free! EA is letting users play the entire Origin Access catalog at no cost from 25 – 31 October. That means you can play FIFA 19, Madden 19, The Sims 4, Battlefield 4, and a range of other games for free!

There’s no catch- just a free 7-day trial that you can cancel at any point. With plenty of full free games to dig your teeth into, it’s a great deal. The Origin Access subscription usually costs £3.99 / $5 to access their library of free games and get 10% off Origin Purchases.

Origin Access Free – What’s Included?

The Origin Access Free deal gives you access to a range of EA’s best offerings. That includes series such as FIFA, Madden, The Sims, SimCity, Battlefield, Dragon Age, Dead Space, Batman Arkham City, Lego Batman, and many more.

Origin Access Games Library

A few of the games included in Origin Access – Source

All in all, you’ll get to try out 150 full games. Origin Access also gives you early access to brand new games, making it great for those looking to try the latest releases.

The trial starts tomorrow and lasts for a week. All you need to do is sign up and download the Origin Access client. It’s a great deal for any PC gamer. You can view more information on the Origin website.

Origin Access and Other Steam Alternatives

Origin Access is one of the best platforms out there right now for PC gamers. With a library of huge game series at an affordable monthly cost, many users may even prefer it to Steam.

More and more digital marketplaces for PC games are becoming prominent. For instance, last week Discord launched the new Discord Store, including a range of free-to-play and paid games. The platform also offers a monthly subscription for access to more exciting titles.

While their library isn’t as impressive as Origin or Steam, it shows that there are some great Steam alternatives out there for PC players who want to try something new.

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