Want to play Fortnite for money? You’re in luck.

Fortnite is one of the biggest games in the world right now, with millions of players playing at a time. With that comes some great financial opportunities- you can get paid for competing, streaming or just sharing your Fortnite knowledge!

Here are 5 legitimate ways to get paid playing Fortnite.

Play Online Fornite Tournaments for Money

If you want to jump right in and start getting cash, there are plenty of paid online games you can play right now!

Sites like Toornament and GamerzArena allow you to join games and tournaments for free to compete for a cash prize. Multiple platforms are covered so you can get paid whether you’re on PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4. It’s the easiest way to play Fortnite for money.

Get Paid to be a Fortnite Mentor

Some people are getting paid up to £30 an hour for mentoring new players on the game! If you know how to play and want to help newbies, you can sign up as a Fortnite buddy.

You’ll need to prove your identity and also prove you have at least 25 wins. After that, you can take bids from members who want to learn about strategies, landing spots, and get help with the game.

Become a Fortnite Streamer or YouTuber

Fortnite streamers and content creators get some serious cash. Popular Twitch streamer Ninja makes $500,000 a month from playing Fortnite.

You won’t become the next Ninja or shroud overnight, but you can start to build up a channel and take donations. As your channel gets bigger, you can become a Twitch partner, allowing you to take paid subscriptions, sell merchandise, and get a share of the ad revenue.

YouTube is similar. You can stream or post video content and over time you could be making big money from sponsorships and ads.

Play Fortnite for Money at LAN Events

You don’t have to be a pro player to play Fortnite on LAN! There are tons of small LAN parties and tournaments out there. Check online for one near you and you can compete for money.

It isn’t just small LANs either. You can sign up right now to play Fortnite at DreamHack Montreal for a $5,000 prize pool.

Bet Your Friends

Alright, so it’s not the most official method, but it’s probably the most fun. Platforms like Toornament will let you set up a custom 1v1 so you can play your friend for money.

You could also just jump right into a regular Duos match and bet your friend a tenner you get more kills than them. The upside of this is that your only competition is the one friend you have that sucks at the game. Good luck!

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