Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the biggest FPS out there today. It’s also easy to play CS:GO for money. There are various viable ways to get paid playing CS:GO, whether you’re interested in competing, skins or just creating content. Here are the 5 best ways to make money playing CS:GO.

Compete In 1v1s For Cash Prizes

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the greatest games when it comes to one-on-one competition. Many people battle their friends in 1v1 maps for money. You can even make things more specific with rifles, pistols or AWP battles.

If you have a penchant for 1v1s, check out FACEIT Hubs, Eloplay, and Toornament. You can find plenty of 1v1 leagues, ladders, and competitions, many of which involve competing for cash and valuable prizes.

Play Tournaments For Money

CS:GO is one of the biggest esports in the world, and the absolute biggest when it comes to volume of tournaments. According to Esportsearnings, over $62.6 million has been earned across 3549 tournaments.

You can often find local LANs with cash prizes. Alternatively, plenty of online tournaments are available on platforms such as FACEIT and Toornament. Many have cash prizes, so you can play CS:GO for money as long as you have some good teammates.

Sell CS:GO Skins

The value of skins on CS:GO is incredible. One of the best CS:GO AWP skins even sold for over $61,000! What’s more, it’s easy to get involved in the skins market, even if you’re a casual player.

There are a few ways to do this. You can get skin drops in-game and sell them on the market, buy keys to open cases and hope for a valuable skin or even buy low in the Steam Marketplace and sell high.

Selling in the Steam Marketplace can net you some extra Steam Credit. Some players also take to skin selling sites to make a few extra bucks. Successful skin sellers make thousands, so this is a legitimate way to get paid playing CS:GO.

Become A CS:GO Streamer or YouTuber

CS:GO is one of the biggest games on Twitch, and there’s also tons of YouTube content followed by players. You won’t become the next shroud or 3kliksphilip overnight, but there’s still no harm in having fun creating content.

All kinds of CS:GO content takes off on YouTube, from highlight videos to nade tutorials. Streamers can also get huge with some time and patience. If you put enough hard work into building a following, this is a great avenue for revenue.

Boosting In CS:GO For Money

Ranks are serious business in CS:GO, and some people will go well out of their way for a shiny new badge. In fact, boosting services are a long-running trend of CS:GO. If you’re a high rank, some lower ranked players are willing to pay you to help them improve.

Some offer their services on Reddit, others through Steam or other websites. Whichever way, you can coach players to be better or help them boost their rank for PayPal money. This one’s a little questionable and looked down upon by serious players, but it is a smart way to get paid playing CS:GO.

If you’re looking for other games to make money in, you can also play PUBG for money or make money playing Fortnite!

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