The Piranha Plant release date for Super Smash Bros Ultimate may have just been leaked by an entry in the Nintendo Shop. A previous interview with Sakurai revealed that Piranha Plant would be released in February. Now, the Piranha Plant Amiibo release date may have given things away. Here’s more on the Piranha Plant launch for Smash Bros Ultimate.

Piranha Plant Release Date for Smash Bros Ultimate

Back in November, Nintendo Direct revealed that Piranha Plant would be the very first DLC character to come to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. However, there’s still no official release date.

While Sakurai previously stated Piranha Plant would make it to the roster around 1-2 months after the game’s release, we now have a better idea.

The Official Nintendo Store shows that the Piranha Plant Amiibo is available for pre-order for 15th February 2019.

This suggests that Piranha Plant will be in the game by February 15, if not earlier.

There will likely be an official announcement soon. Maybe even in the form of another Nintendo Direct broadcast.

January Nintendo Direct for Smash Bros Ultimate?

While it’s only one month after the official release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, fans have a lot to anticipate.

An announcement at The Game Awards 2018 revealed Joker from Persona 5 will be in the first Smash Ultimate DLC Pack. Since then, many Smash Bros Ultimate DLC leaks have surfaced including characters like Erdrick (Dragon Quest), Sylux (Metroid Prime), and the DOOM Marine.

New DLC characters will probably also come along with new games for the Switch. For instance, the release of Joker may be accompanied by Persona 5 R on the Nintendo Switch.

We’ll likely hear the Joker release date soon, along with Piranha Plant and more Smash Bros Ultimate news.

Nintendo regularly holds Nintendo Direct broadcasts in January, so expect to hear something very soon.

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