The Super Smash Bros Ultimate Version 2.0.0 update brought Piranha Plant to the game. However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. It seems there’s a Piranha Plant glitch in Smash Bros Ultimate which corrupts save files when you use the character in All-Star Mode. Here’s more on the Piranha Plant Glitch, how it happens, and how to avoid it.

Piranha Plant Glitch In Smash Bros Ultimate

Many players have reported a glitch which corrupts save data when you use Piranha Plant in All-Star Mode. This was noted by SplatoonNews on Twitter.

The glitch doesn’t occur 100% of the time, but it’s best to avoid playing All-Star Mode with Piranha Plant for now.

A user on Reddit also noted that the same glitch can occur when using Duck Hunt or Mii Swordfighter in Century Smash. It’s possible that there are more unknown glitches.

For now, it’s best to avoid playing these modes altogether while Nintendo works on a fix for the recent Smash Ultimate save data glitch.

How to Restore Smash Bros Ultimate Save Data

If your game glitches, there is a way to restore your save data and reverse the damage. However, you must have a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Those who pay for Nintendo Switch Online will benefit from Cloud Backup Data. If your game glitches, you can go to the Nintendo Switch Home Menu to recover it.

From the home screen, press + when Super Smash Bros Ultimate is highlighted. Choose “Save Data Cloud Backup” and choose the profile you played on. Now, you can choose “Download Backup Data” to restore your glitched save data.

This should work for the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Piranha Plant glitch as well as the others. It’s likely that Nintendo will release a small update soon to patch the recent glitches so more players aren’t affected. For now, you should have no problem using Piranha Plant in Classic Mode, Smash Mode, and Online.

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