The first Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Fighter, Piranha Plant, is now available for purchase. Those who bought the game before January 31st can still redeem their code to get Piranha Plant free. However, those who missed out on the early purchase window will have to buy Piranha Plant. Here’s the Piranha Plant DLC cost and how to buy.

How To Buy Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant was previously available free for anyone who bought the game before January 31st. However, those who bought a physical copy must have registered their points on their My Nintendo Account. Players can still redeem their code until June if they got one previously.

Those who buy Super Smash Bros Ultimate can still get Piranha Plant. However, they’ll need to buy the character as an individual DLC Fighter.

Piranha Plant DLC Cost & How To Buy in Smash Bros Ultimate

You can buy Piranha Plant from the Nintendo eShop. Currently, a notification in Smash Bros Ultimate takes you straight to the shop page to buy Piranha Plant.

Piranha Plant DLC Cost

The Piranha Plant DLC will cost $4.99 for players in the US or £4.49 for players in the UK. You can purchase the DLC in the Nintendo eShop.

Five new DLC characters are set to come before February 2020, the first of these being Joker from Persona 5. These will cost $5.99 or £5.39 along with a new stage and music tracks.

The five new Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters will also be available in the Fighters Pass for $24.99 or £22.49. Piranha Plant won’t be a part of the Fighters Pass.

Who Are The Next Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Characters?

There are many leaks, rumors, and theories on the next Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters after Joker.

The most likely rumor is that Erdrick from Dragon Quest will be the next DLC character to be revealed. This has been brought up in various leaks.

There are also various other possible Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters, such as Minecraft Steve, Edelgard, and the DOOM Marine. More DLC characters will likely be revealed by Nintendo throughout the year.

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