All of you Pharah cosplayers keep it up- Pharah herself can’t get enough of them! In a recent ElecSpo interview, Pharah voice actor Jen Cohn claimed that one of her favorite part of events is seeing all of the cool Pharah cosplays people create!

The thing that blows me away is when people make their own cosplays of Pharah and they make their own pieces. I’ve signed a lot of helmets, I’ve signed some armor, and the cosplay is outrageous! The level of attention and the mechanized wings and the armor is incredible! I can’t even get over that. It’s so creative and beautiful and it takes so much time.

Group cosplays? Even better! Jen Cohn told ElecSpo’s Charlie Koncher she loves seeing people cosplay together, especially Pharmercy cosplays.

When I meet couples who have made, like, one is Pharah and one is Mercy cosplays, I love that, and they spend months together sitting and working on them, that’s blown my mind. I love it.

Will we see Jen Cohn in a Pharah cosplay?

As much as Cohn loves seeing everyone’s creative Pharah cosplays, she won’t be getting into full Pharah gear anytime soon. But she is open to wearing some cool armor.

My friend Una Burke makes this leather armor, she’s an Irish designer based out of London and she makes these incredible chest pieces and shoulder pieces. I have a few of those, so I really need to start wearing those on the circuit more, cuz I think that’s as close to full cosplay as I’m gonna get.


She’s also shocked at how much fanart represents her unique taste in fashion!

I have this Attar wide-legged, deep V jumpsuit in a navy blue that looks like about 4 or 5 different fan arts of casual Pharah going out in the evening dresses. Then she’s wearing it with what looks like my Analiese Michaelson gold cuff bracelet, and I’m like oh god they’re in my closet designing Pharah clothes!

Best Pharah skins? Asp and Mecha Queen

When it comes to skins, Pharah herself has her own personal favorites.

I have two favorites. I love Asp, because Asp is so freaking gorgeous! And I love Mecha Queen, I think Mecha Queen is so fantastic. I got to meet Jackie Craft, the cosplayer who did an insane Mecha Queen and I got to do a panel with her… I had loved Mecha Queen before that and then to see her in it, I just said WOW! Amazing.

Cohn also talks about the incredible experience of Blizzard fan events, the Overwatch League, and even some exciting new developments for Pharah in Overwatch. Check out the rest of the interview at the ElecSpo YouTube channel.


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