While the newest Overwatch animated short is based on D. Va, a Pharah Overwatch Origin Story could be next! 

The Pharah animated short hasn’t come to fruition yet. Still, it looks like the Overwatch writers have some exciting ideas for Pharah, and voice actor Jen Cohn is more than eager to make one.

Pharah Overwatch Origin Story Coming Next?

Blizzard has been creating animated shorts exploring the backstories of Overwatch heroes like Bastion, Widowmaker, Reinhardt, and now D. Va.

When asked about a Pharah origin story, Jen Cohn told Elecspo’s Charlie Koncher in an interview:

I’ve been asking for one! I want one! I was told that there was one that was written, but it would’ve been too expensive to produce. So yes! I asked and pleaded with them like ‘Please, can we make another one!’ So I’m hoping that they’ll make me one that’s affordable to produce.

There’d be plenty to explore, from Pharah’s relationship with her mother Ana to her rise through the Egyptian army. While the old idea was too expensive, it looks like we may see one in the future.

Jen Cohn’s Origin Story: Becoming Pharah’s Voice Actor

Despite Pharah’s heroic reputation, Jen Cohn shared how she got the audition after giving the character a villainous take.

The way that she was described was that she was an offense player, that she was Egyptian, and that she was super macho. I thought she was a villain, so I did this villainous audition that I sent in and promptly forgot about.

Since the game and its characters were initially given codenames, Jen Cohn had no idea that she’d gotten the part or that she’d soon become the Overwatch Hero!

I said no I don’t think it’s me, I didn’t audition for this, and they played me this villain Pharah audition. And I said oh wait, I remember this! That’s what this is? Okay cool! So they explained to me that she’s not a villain, that she’s, in fact, the Captain America of the game. And I said oh all right, that’s different! And in that session is when we found her voice.

Check out the rest of our two-part interview with the voice of Pharah. She addresses her love for Pharah and Pharmercy cosplays, her favorite Pharah quotes, and her journey as a voice actor.

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