Fans have been eagerly anticipating news on Persona 5 R for months. Atlus previously registered the domain, all but confirming that there would be a new version of Persona 5. Now, Atlus has released a Japanese trailer for the upcoming Persona 5 R: The Royal. Interestingly, it looks like it could be a brand new game with a female protagonist.

Persona 5 R: The Royal – What We Know

The teaser trailer for Persona 5 R doesn’t give too much away. But there are some interesting things to note from the short clip.

First of all, it seems that Persona 5 R will center around a brand new female character. While many suspected there’d be a female Joker in P5R, it suggests this is an entirely different character.

According to a translation from @xenosaga7 on Twitter, the character expresses her disapproval of the Phantom Thieves. This could mean she’s a new character separate from Joker.

Notably, while the original protagonist of Persona 5 is a 2nd year student, this new character has a “1” on her uniform. This shows she’s in a different class.

The trailer also reveals the full name of P5R. The game is titled Persona 5 R: The Royal. This could suggest a whole new plotline to follow from the point of view of the new character.

Persona 5 R for PS4 – Will It Come to Other Consoles?

So far, it has been confirmed that P5R will be available for the PS4. But will it come to other consoles eventually?

It seems extremely likely that it’ll also make an appearance on the Nintendo Switch. Joker is the next DLC character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate who’s set to come to the game in April. Persona 5 for Switch would only make sense.

The trailer notes that new information on the game will come out on April 24th. This could be the date that Joker comes to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Stay tuned to see what Atlus has in store.

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