Ever since the announcement of Joker from Persona 5 in Smash Bros Ultimate, fans have wondered what this might mean for Persona and Nintendo. Well, we might now have some answers as there are rumors Persona 5 R, suggesting we’ll see Persona 5 for Nintendo Switch.

Persona 5 R Leaks – Persona 5 for Nintendo Switch?

The Persona series is no stranger to re-releases. Much like Persona 4 was re-released as Persona 4 Golden on the PS Vita, it looks like we’ll now get Persona 5 for Nintendo Switch. The game is currently available for Ps3 and PS4.

PersonaCentral recently found that Atlus registered a series of Persona-related domain names. This includes P5R.jp, suggesting that Persona 5 R could be coming very soon.

This makes perfect sense. With the game’s protagonist making it to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster, a Persona 5 release for Nintendo Switch would be great for cross-promotion.

PersonaCentral also noted that a Smash Bros DLC rumor from 5chan said Joker’s release would tie-in with P5R and P5U (an upcoming fighting game). The leak also claimed Joker’s stage would be Mementos and feature Jack Frost- a Demon from the Person series.

When Will P5R For Switch Be Announced?

There’s no official confirmation on when we’ll see Persona 5 for Switch. However, we could receive some news soon.

There are many rumors that there will be a Nintendo Direct in January 2019. Nintendo regularly hosts a broadcast to cover many of the upcoming games for the following year.

A Direct broadcast could cover news on games like Metroid Prime 4, Animal Crossing for Switch, and Persona 5 R if it is indeed coming to Switch.

Persona 5 R news could also tie-in with the release of Joker for Smash Bros Ultimate. The Piranha Plant release date was leaked for February 15th. News for Joker and a P5R release could come shortly after. Expect to hear something by around March or April, if not earlier.

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