With the Virtus Pro CS:GO lineup ending, it looks like Pasha may revive his Twitch stream. The VP player hinted today on Twitter that a return to Twitch Streaming is in order on the PashaBiceps Twitch channel.

PashaBiceps Twitch Return

Pasha was one of the top CS:GO streamers in the world. Even despite years of inactivity, he still retained a huge amount of Twitch followers.

Now, it looks like the PashaBiceps Twitch will return with Pasha seemingly no longer competing in CS:GO.

It would be a good move for Pasha. As a fan favorite CS:GO player, his streams attracted tons of viewers from across the world tuning in for his entertaining content.

With family commitments and Virtus Pro seemingly dropping him and NEO, it would make sense to make the move into a full-time CS:GO streamer, much like players like shroud.

Virtus Pro Ending?

While PashaBiceps is still on the Virtus Pro CS:GO roster, it may come to an end soon.

The organization recently released a statement on the Virtus Pro CS:GO team ending. According to General Manager Roman Dvoryankin, VP will look to build the team around younger players.

The long-term strategy for us is to build a competitive team around young players and we will follow it while making decisions. I’d like to ask our fans to be supportive in the next couple of weeks.

For now, Virtus Pro are withdrawing from competition while the organization figures out the next step. However, Pasha has shown a commitment to staying in esports in one way or another.

Other members of the long-running CS:GO roster byali, Snax, and TaZ have also gone their separate ways. Although fans would like to see the legendary Virtus Pro CS:GO lineup return for a showmatch, it may not be as likely.

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