Just how bad is Shanghai Dragons losing streak in the Overwatch League?

Losing streaks aren’t fun at all. I remember my losing streak on FIFA 18 which actually caused me to give up the game for a good four months. While being on a losing streak as a casual gamer isn’t much fun, imagine being on a losing streak as a professional?!

Unfortunately, that is exactly what has happened to professional Overwatch League side Shanghai Dragons. Before the Overwatch League started, many of us thought that there was a good chance that Shanghai could do quite well.


However, that absolutely has not happened, even with a change in personnel, coaches and bringing in one of the best female players around. So how bad is the streak? Well, according to ESPN they have the second-worst losing streak in pro sports history. Shanghai has played 27 and lost 27 and sit rock bottom of the overall OWL. In fact, they have only managed to win 13 maps, losing 96 and tieing one, which is a truly pathetic statistic.

Things could get worse for them as they could actually tie with the Philadelphia 76ers for the most losses. So can they win this weekend? Well, they are ironically playing Philadelphia Fusion who are fifth overall, but way down in 8th in the Stage 3 standings.

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It isn’t like Shanghai don’t have a good team as well, so that could help them. They brought in five new players at the start of 2018, with the likes of Genguri, Fearless, Sky and Daemin joining the poorly performing team.

All eyes will be on their clash with Philadelphia this weekend to see if they can stop being completely useless at Overwatch. Otherwise, we might be getting a lot of memes about the Shanghai Dragons losing streak.

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