Overwatch Puppy Rumble was just amazing

Think of esports and you think of a group of predominantly males sweating it up and smashing keyboards.

However, what you don’t think of is dogs. Yeah, I’m dead serious, doggos have taken the world of esports by storm – at least sort of by storm.

Yesterday, the Innagural Overwatch league introduced what is hopefully going to be the first of many Puppy Rumbles. Yes, you heard that correct, a puppy RUMBLE.

Overwatch League Stage 2: When does it begin? Who will win? Who should I watch?

You’re probably wondering why? But if you’re not an Overwatch player or you don’t check the calendar – the game is celebrating the Chinese New Year, which just happens to be the year of the dog.

Basically, 10 dogs that were up for adoption were put into a canine version of Overwatch and everyone loved it!


In fact, all 10 of them have been adopted, including everyone’s favourite, 8-week old Lulu who was dressed as Symmetra.

Puppy Rumble better than OWL Stage 1?

As esport events go in 2018, this was just utterly bizarre and brilliant and I still have no idea who won or how the actual game worked.

You’re still probably wondering if people actually watched it. Well, incredibly, the VOD already has over 50,000 views! See, dogs, especially puppies, just bring in numbers, some serious bloody numbers.

At one time, there was a concurrent viewership of over 25,000, putting it as one of the top steams around that time. With the huge success of this, we will be expecting regular puppy or kitten rumbles. Can you imagine if Overwatch and cats finally joined forces to take over the internet?!

Long live the Overwatch Puppy Rumble!

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