The first Torbjorn hammer Overwatch League kill was amazing.

If there is one thing that we have seen in the Overwatch League, it’s varied character choice. There has been a wide selection, as well as many Mercys, Widowmakers, and Hanzos. However, how many Torbjorns, have we seen throughout the entire first season of the Overwatch League?

Well, according to Winston’s Lab, during Stage One of the Overwatch League, Torbjorn and Symmetra were pretty much never picked. Torbjorn only had a 0.01% pick rate, while Symmetra was rock bottom. So why are Torb and his turrets not being used?

Fury is the Hammer king

In public games and lower-tier competitive, Torb can be really useful, with him putting out constant damage and, most importantly, blocking off sight-lines. He can also give out armour; combined with good heals (even a Brigitte) is a tremendous combination. So, when it came to the Overwatch League All-Star weekend, fans wanted to see what high-tier players could do with him.

They wanted to see one thing; a beautiful hammer elimination. These are rare against bad players, with the diminutive Swede being slow and squishy. Thankfully, one bloke who had all the fans’ backs was London Spitfire’s Jun-ho “Fury” Kim who went HUGE with his hammer.

While he missed the first elimination on Mcree, he then targeted one of the best tanks in the world in Genguri. However, she was playing Reaper, and despite trying to avoid him, she ended up getting walloped by the hammer.

It was a brilliant moment, but fans will have to enjoy it now because it is unlikely we’ll ever see him being used in the Overwatch League.

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