The Doomfist swamp monster skin looks really amazing!

It is the most wonderful time of year; no not Christmas, but Halloween! Especially on Overwatch, simply because of all the cool skins that will be added to the game. In the past, we have seen everything from Junkrat getting a Dr Frankenstein skin to Demon Hanzo.

However, those were in the 2017 Halloween, so what is going on for this year’s event? Well, we have been given a glimpse of the first confirmed spooky skin, and it is for Doomfist! The Talon baddy wasn’t given a skin for last year, so we’re all really excited for this one.

So, what is it? Well, posting on Twitter last night, Overwatch revealed that we’re getting a Creature From the Black Lagoon inspired skin. Called ‘Swamp Monster’ this skin looks like even players who never use Doomfist will be wanting to bag this beauty. Hopefully, we also get some cool emotes and highlight intros that are also Swamp Monster themed.

Petition to rename the great new Doomfist skin "DOOMFISH" instead of "Swamp Monster" 👊🐟 from Overwatch

While the reaction to the skin has been overwhelmingly positive, one fan on Reddit has decided to start a petition against the skin. Well, not the skin overall, instead the name. Ambroos reckons that the skin should be hilariously named ‘Doomfish.’

In his post on Reddit, he also linked a page which has over 2,500 signatures! Hopefully, Jeff Kaplin and co will see this and rightly change the name.

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