The new Overwatch Hero Ashe is now available to play in the Play Test Region. Overwatch Hero #29 is a Damage hero wielding a rifle and dynamite, as well as a robot bodyguard. Here’s more on Overwatch Ashe, her abilities, ult, skins, emotes, and gameplay.

Who is Overwatch Ashe?

Ashe is an Outlaw and leader of the Deadlock Gang. Born into privilege, she soon turned to crime after a chance meeting with Jesse McCree. She fights using her semi-automatic rifle “The Viper” and sticks of dynamite. Her Ult calls on her Omnic bodyguard B.O.B. to take out enemies.

Ashe’s history with McCree was explored in more detail in the recent Overwatch Short ‘Reunion’.

Overwatch Ashe Abilities and Ult

The new Overwatch Hero has some great abilities for dealing damage to enemies.

Overwatch Ashe Abilities

Ashe’s rifle “The Viper” deals good damage to enemies at both short and medium range. You can also use Secondary Fire to aim a precise shot at longer ranges for higher damage.

She can also throw Dynamite to hit enemies at long range. The Dynamite explodes after 5 seconds and effects any enemies in a 5-meter radius. It does up to 75 damage and can also burn enemies, although it’s easy to avoid. Cooldown time is 10 seconds.

Ashe’s Shift ability Coach Gun allows her to knock enemies back. It can also be used to move further or jump higher if you aim it at the ground. It has a Cooldown time of 10 seconds.

Her Ult ‘B.O.B.’ summons her Omnic ally who proceeds to do huge damage to nearby enemies, as well as knocking them into the air.

Overwatch Ashe Skins

Eleven skins are currently available for Ashe, including Gangster, Mobster, Jungle, and Safari. Ashe’s skins also apply to B.O.B., who’s seen during her Ultimate ability.

Overwatch Ashe Skins

With strong damage, decent speed, and good abilities, Ashe looks like a solid choice for a Damage hero. But with 200 hit points and no recovery abilities, you’ll need a healer by your side.

You can play Ashe right now. Simply open the Blizzard app and download the latest Play Test Region update to check her out. You can learn more about Ashe on the Blizzard blog.

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