The OpTic India CS:GO roster is no longer. After OpTic India player Nikhil ‘forsaken’ Kumawat was caught with CS:GO cheats at the Zowie Extremesland 2018 Asia Finals, OpTic decided to drop the roster.

Initially, International Development Director of OG Jesal Parekh told forsaken had been dropped while the other players had no knowledge of his cheating. A few hours later, OpTic India gave a statement to announce they are dropping the roster and looking to new opportunities.

OpTic India forsaken Caught With CS:GO Cheats

The player in question, Nikhil ‘forsaken’ Kumawat, apparently had a reputation for cheats in CS:GO. Many players came out afterwards with clips and stories of fishy plays in the past.

Forsaken has played at a pro level since 2017, initially with Shooting Monkeys and then SemperX before becoming a member of the OpTic India roster. In the OpTic India announcement video, the organization spoke of him going from an unknown player to dominating pros very fast.

OpTic India lost their only match at Extremesland 2018 6-16 to FrostFire. 

Although the remaining players played one more game with coach ‘yb’, the team will now drop out of the international LAN event.

What’s Next for OpTic International?

In the wake of the revelation, OpTic Gaming decided to drop the entire India roster. OpTic put the team together back in May, with the team playing in various events since. Now, OpTic Gaming will look to new international opportunities.

It’s not the only international OpTic team. The organization recently formed OpTic Brazil, a female CS:GO team.

Now it seems as though OpTic Gaming may look to a new nation for an international roster. With scenes emerging in many countries, OpTic could look anywhere next, from Japan to Turkey. The organization seems dedicated to expanding overseas, so stay tuned for more news from OpTic soon.

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