Love beating your friends in CS:GO 1v1 battles? You could put your skills to the test and win prizes for it!

CS:GO team Ninjas in Pyjamas have launched a FACEIT Hub allowing anyone to join and start competing in 1v1 battles. You can join for free, compete against people in your own skill rank, and win monthly prizes if you make it to the top of the ladders.

How to Join NiP CS:GO 1v1 Battles League

All you need is a free FACEIT account to join their Hub and start dueling.

They offer four different hubs for different skill ranks, so no matter what your FACEIT Level, you can take on 1v1 battles with people in your own league.

The FACEIT Hubs are as follows:

NiP 1v1 Master (FACEIT Level: 9-10) –

NiP 1v1 Gold (FACEIT Level: 6-8) –


The NiP Gold and Masters Leagues offer monthly prizes, including FACEIT points and gear from their sponsors such as XTRFY mice, keyboards, and mouse pads.

NiP 1v1 Silver (FACEIT Level: 1-5) –

NiP 1v1 Unranked (No requirements) –

You can view all of the information on the new 1v1 battle league on the NiP website.

What are FACEIT Hubs?

FACEIT Hubs is a new feature launched by free CS:GO matchmaking service FACEIT.

Hubs allow people to create groups featuring leaderboards, chats, and an easy way to organize games against each other.

You can even create your own game rules, making it simple to organize matches with friends whether you’re looking for a 5v5 or an Aim Duel.

Many of these offer FACEIT points for the top competitors, which can later be traded in for items in the FACEIT shop. For instance, FMPONE launched a Sub-Zero FACEIT Hub, allowing people to play his new map and even letting them in on info about the CS:GO Cache remake.

With NiP launching their 1v1 Hub complete with sponsored prizes, we may see Hubs offering cash prizes in the future.

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