The next Nintendo Direct is September 13, 2018, as confirmed today on Nintendo’s official Twitter channel.

The September Nintendo Direct was originally scheduled for the 6th of September. However, due to the events of the Hokkaido Earthquake, Nintendo made the decision to postpone it until further notice.

Leaks surfaced earlier this week speculating it would be 13th September. Nintendo has now officially confirmed it. Here’s some of the news you can expect in the next Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo Direct September News – New 3DS and Switch Games

In their original announcement, Nintendo confirmed that the September Direct would have 35 minutes of news on upcoming 3DS and Switch games.

Since then, many announcements have also been made on Twitter for MegaMan 11, Yo-Kai Watch Blasters, SNK Heroines, and Final Fantasy XV for Switch.

Presumably the Direct will cover these, along with updates for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Splatoon 2, and Fire Emblem Heroes. We should also see some information on more upcoming games such as Yoshi’s Crafted World and Bayonetta 3.

New Smash Bros Ultimate News In Nintendo Direct September?

New Smash Bros news seems more inevitable every day. Fans have noted that the official Smash Bros blog lacked a few updates due to the Direct postponement, suggesting new roster announcements this week.

There have been many leaks, rumors, and theories regarding new Smash Bros characters. However, the most likely update is the reveal of Skull Kid in Smash Bros Ultimate.

We could also see new Echo Fighters such as Street Fighter’s Ken and information on the Smash Bros Ultimate Story Mode.

September Nintendo Direct for Nintendo Switch Online?

Nintendo Japan recently Tweeted about the upcoming release of their paid service Nintendo Switch Online. Nintendo America also confirmed the service would start next week.

This Nintendo Direct might include more updates of games with online capabilities, including Smash Bros Ultimate.

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